Zine FEst

An annual festival that is dedicated to celebrating and promoting DIY publishing and alternative media. At #cebuzinefest, visitors can buy publications directly from a diverse crowd of designers, artists, musicians, studios, presses, bookshops and independent publishers. Events include several hands on workshops from zine making, self-publishing and DIY. There is a “DEAR time” section (Drop Everything And Read) -- a read-only section and a “zine wall” where zines are displayed in clear pouches for people to take for a suggested price or for free.

The Cebu Zine Fest is brought to you by the Tropical Futures Institute whose aim is to continue to decentralize culture in order to champion other perspectives, stories, ideas, futures and voices.


A Zine Fest is an event where participants (artist, designers, studios, publishers, book- shops, companies) whose work involves various fields of art, design, technology, music and so on, set up a booth to present their own publications and other forms of work; where they can communicate and trade with the visitors and other participants directly. It is a rare and ideal opportunity for visitors and participants to find hundreds of beautiful, different, individual expressions in zine and book form amongst other forms. (note: also interchangeable with ‘art book fair’ or ‘zine fair’).

A Zine


A small handmade booklet. Short for fanzine or magazine. Zines usually deal with topics that deviate from mainstream media and are not created primarily for profit, but for speaking out to the community. Topics include political ideologies, fiction, music-related writing, jokes, satire, and personal musings.


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