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Anagrams : Gerardo Tan Tacloban


856G Gallery welcomes you to "Anagrams" -- a solo exhibition of acclaimed multi-media artist Gerardo Tan.

The show is a direct representation of Tan’s process of how media is appropriated, rehashed, reproduced, and reappropriated to produce new media. It invites us to question the transformation of media through medium and time.

Please join us for the opening reception Friday, June 23, 2017 at the Colegio De La Salle Foundation Academic Bldg, Real Street, Saghakan, Tacloban City.

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to Jun 4

Cebu Zine Fest 2017

Cebu Zine Fest is an annual festival that is dedicated to celebrating and promoting DIY publishing and alternative media.

2016 saw the very first Cebu Zine Fest, which gathered more than 150 visitors, a strong regional attendance from the Philippines as well as exhibitors from New York, Singapore, Berlin, Kanazawa, London and Seoul.

Following this success, this year's Cebu Zine Fest is a two-day event, with a mix of workshops, panel discussions and live local music. 


D A Y   1

1PM:  Open forum for zine makers
3PM:  Artist Talk: Lucille Umali
5PM:  Artist Talk: Karla Quimsing
7PM+:   The Reading


D A Y   2

3PM: Josua Cabrera
4PM: Erik Tuban
5PM: Happy Garaje
7 PM: Screening: Hinagunoy sa Goryon
8 PM Onwards: Marsh Mallow (vinyl dj afterparty)

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to May 27

Mariko Jacinto: Un Deux Trois


Mariko Jacinto is known for her intimate and figurative landscape on the beautiful and the damned. The images are romantic with dark narratives and a mood of yearning prevails. The color palette is met with the gorgeous contrast of unpredicted dark hues and vibrant colors while the brushstrokes create layered textures.

The exhibition title refers to a moment last summer in New York 2016 in “Un Deux Trois”, a restaurant on 44th Street in the Theater District. Inspired by the city’s vibe, the artist decided on the theme that would personify epic romance by embracing style and the allure of pleasure.

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to May 19

Fortuna Circuit: Our Current Condition

856G presents Fortuna Circuit: Our Current Condition. In line with the overarching thematic concept reflecting on the self and our position in history, this exhibition questions what our future selves would see where we are now.

Fortuna Circuit is a yearly exhibition that features artists from North, South, and Central Philippines, a juxtaposition of names, styles, media, and location, representing the plurality of the Philippines, which endows upon us the current Filipino culture and our skewed understanding of the times in which we live today.

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3:00pm 3:00pm

Wawi Navarroza: "Hunt & Gather, Terraria" Book Launch

856G launches Wawi Navarroza's book "HUNT & GATHER, TERRARIA": a geographic exploration of the artist's city, Manila, through terrarium assemblages sourced and mapped from all around Manila. 

The image of each terrarium and the origin of its contents (soil, ferns, rocks, flowers, plants) evoke a wide range of memories and feelings for anyone that has spent time in Manila. Beyond this nostalgia each image of individual terrariums opens up a connection to a wider geography between the reader, book and environment. 

The book also stands as one of the few internationally sold and recognized art/design/photo publications, a must have for any supporter of Filipino creative practices. 

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to Feb 10

Charles Lahti : Goldenrod

Join us for the opening reception of master print maker and painter Charles Lahti.

"Printmaker Charles Lahti has been a creative force within New York's art community for more than three decades. He first studied with Mary Abbott in Minnesota, then relocated to New York in 1977 to pursue a career in the visual arts, acting first as a printer at Styria Studios. From there he went on to work with some of the giants of postwar American art, including Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Judd, Andy Warhol, and LeRoy Neiman.

Throughout his career, Lahti has emphasised and gravitated towards collaboration and experimentation. Always captivated by the nexus of art and community, he was at the forefront of a number of nascent creative mediums, including performance, graffiti and multimedia art. His studios, first on the Lower East Side and then in Bushwick, have long been centers for learning and development for several generations of printmakers. His works have regularly exhibited in the United States and with collectors around the globe."

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5:00pm 5:00pm



"Umbra" is the B&W Photography Pop-up Exhibition of Banawe Corvera and Jan Sunday. It opens to the public on August 12, 2016, Friday.

It is a collection that celebrates women through the contrast of lights and shade, as created by the contours of the female landscape. 

Banawe's style delves into low-key monochromatic photos that paint daydreams through abstractions. Her work brings out the subtle bearings of feminity and grace within landscapes and portraits.

Jan's work resonates a stark cry for womanhood to be viewed and celebrated not just in the light but in the darker, grittier moments as well. It bares both existentialist and feminist thought.

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to Aug 6

Ronyel Compra: Selface

856 G Gallery is pleased to announce Ronyel Compra's 5th solo show of his recent paintings entitled "Selface" . The exhibition will open to the public on July 21 starting from 3pm onwards and will be on view through the second week of August.

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to Jun 25

Gerardo Tan: Anagrams


856 G Gallery and Tropical Futures Institute are excited to present the Manila-based artist, Gerardo Tan’s, Anagrams. This is Tan’s first exhibition in Cebu and is a direct representation of Gerardo Tan’s process through the collaging of tangible artifacts mixed with paint creates a playful juxtaposition of form to create new media. 

Anagrams commentary on the appropriation of the image ties relevance to today’s current condition of in the Information Age, “information overload,” a condition that is still emerging. The distribution, multiplication and reproduction of images at an instant. We immerse ourselves in an environment of anagrams of our choosing.

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to Aug 22


Opening August 20th is VSOON’S design futures exhibition, SARI SUKI 2050, an interactive installation that explores tropical futures through a neighborhood convenience store. 

SARI SUKI 2050 is the New York-based design research studio’s first solo show in the Philippines. During their artist residency at 856 G Gallery, VSOON manifested a site-specific art installation that took the traditional Filipino Sari Sari store 35 years into the future. The studio speculated by asking questions: Who would the Sari Sari serve? How would it serve them? What would it look like? What products and services would be offered? What type of interactions would occur in this space?

Interested in Sari Sari stores because of their cultural and community significance, the installation’s intent is to celebrate these neighborhood stores and the local knowledge of the Pinoy that they foster, enable, and house. Through referencing a familiar structure and producing objects that consider the growing global trends of mass urban migration, increased privatization, changing climate and resource scarcity, SARI SUKI 2050 proposes a range of possible futures.

In the SARI SUKI 2050 exhibition, speculations are represented in a variety of future objects that run the gamut from Solar Algae Panels to Canned Air alongside cooperative concepts of co-Sari ownership, shared community utilities and time banking. 

By fully reconstructing a Sari Sari store in 856 G Gallery, SARI SUKI 2050 renders tangential futures through new objects and spaces.



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