Art as an Investigative and
Documentary practice

July 26, 2019

Jake Atienza’s works take cue from his personal history and grapples with issues of power, social marginalization and ecological impact that emerge from the exploitation of natural and social resources.

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Jake Atienza


Independent Creative
Production TODAY

July 6, 2019

Discussion led by Carl Jan Cruz (Carl Jan Cruz studios, with Gio Mendoza, and Patricia Felize), Koji Arboleda, Renzo Navarro, and Anna Canlas (Studio Josanna)

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Carl Jan Curz
Koji Arboleda
Renzo Navarro
Anna Canlas


Resetting The Clock

July 5, 2019

Resetting the Clock artist talk features Jippy Pascua, Gerome Soriano, Tanya Villanueva, Con Cabrera and Zeus Bascon. The exhibition presents works that interpret language as a varied form of communication influenced by cultural, societal, and familial upbringing.

This collection serves as interlocutor of signs of the new influences in the constant shifting of language and/or viewing of an image, such as emergent subcultures, gender expansion topographies or class-consciousness.

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Resetting The Clock Artists