Monica Ramos: Tenderness



Monica Ramos’ (Manila, 1989) work reflects her search for beauty within our bodies, connection between people, belonging to the natural world and freedom from the stigma of our sexual natures. These images propose an inclusive and limitless space, void of shame and judgement. Her process has been a journey of uncovering power through vulnerability and acceptance. She draws influence from folk art, ancient ruins and the writing intersectional feminist thought leaders bell hooks and Aude Lorde.  

Tenderness, Ramos’ first dedicated solo exhibition, is a new collection of large watercolor paintings on paper, ceramics, and smaller works gathered from her studio. There are no second chances once pigment comes in contact with paper. The immediacy of the media, requires a state of hyper attentention, free from thoughts of the past and future, a flow state. This exhibition represents a departure for Ramos, through the expansion and simplification of her figures though experimentation with large scale format and the translation of these forms into sculpture.

 Can extreme tenderness obliterate the ego? Can we love ourselves enough to create more community and less competition? These figures are hopes for new ways of being, made of light and friends with their shadows.


Pieces from ‘Monica Ramos: Tenderness’


Pieces from ‘Monica Ramos: Tenderness’
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Pieces from ‘Monica Ramos: Tenderness’