Annie Chen


Annie Chen: Silent Series

The Silent Series is a 14-piece painting series of the artist’s interpretation of The Stations of the Cross. It was painted between 2005 and 2006, a dark and tumultuous time in the artist’s life which she considers her blue period. For Annie, painting was the only way of keeping her sanity in overcoming those struggles.

The journey of Jesus Christ starting from his Last Supper to his Crucifixion is a harrowing scene of torture and persecution. It is also a story of grit and survival, themes we relate to in the examples of our own lives. The emotional complexity of each station heightens with Annie's perception of color value and figurative expression, interweaving Jesus's struggle and her fight with cancer.

In 2008, Annie Chen founded 856 G Gallery as part of her mission to provide a platform for artists to showcase their works and foster self-expression. This exhibition is the first time that these works will be revealed to the public after 12 years in the artist’s stockroom--and during the gallery’s 10th year anniversary. The paintings have also been reproduced in digital archival print in Singapore.

Annie Chen is a visionary who founded the 856G gallery on the principle that exhibiting different forms of art can not only encourage the movement of art within the community, but also motivate artists to challenge their capabilities in producing superior work.

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Pieces from annie Chen’s ‘Silent series’

images from ‘silent series’