Cebu Zine Fest 2019 / by 856G Gallery


As the annual event gathered creatives from the field of design and fine art, locals, zine enthusiasts, and guests—affiliated to studio, university, press, or as independent makers; the A.S. Fortuna space hosted thirty participants to share works, meet other creators, and explore a banquet of topics from pop to the unfamiliar amidst caffeine, chichirya, and chitter-chatter.

Since the success in 2016, the teams of 856G Gallery and the Tropical Futures Institute has placed Cebu Zine Fest in our calendar as a recurrent annual event where every participant, guest, and passer-by is treated to a visual feast of handmade accessories, illustrated stickers and postcards, in-house merchandise, and comics to suit all audiences, in addition to archived overseas publications—from magazines to risograph, to screenprints by Charles Lahti—collected from gatherings of years past. Yes. Many braved the temperamental weather—through the heat or rain—with enthusiastic energies and giddiness intact, ready to spend well-earned coins on outputs of limited editions. And even despite the setup and celebratory exhaustion from day one, the second day started midday, with a talk from Kristian Henson of Hardworking Goodlooking (a design practice and publisher who discussed about his process of making) as social rambles faded into the night, before we tidied-up and shut door.

So on behalf of our team and the local community, we extend our thanks to our sponsor Grafik 9; to our media partners PURVEYR, adobo magazine, and GIST; and to you: every creator of content, consumer of goods, enthusiast of our local scene, and the kid at heart (who can see only a kaleidoscope of colours and form); basically every person who played a part, make our logistical hustle worth every second.

Sayoka Takemura
Gallery Intern


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